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Managing and growing enrolment for a school & training programmes is a challenge and that's why we built Classpedal with the sole purpose to ease the process.

Find more growth opportunities for your school and manage your student enrolments with Classpedal. Thousands of learners and parents visit Classpedal daily to find information about courses and schools. Partner with us and let us help you change your world. Add your school today!

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Whether it's degrees, short courses, conferences, kindergarten, reception or tutoring; Classpedal is the marketing and distribution platform for you to boost your enrolment, brand and exposure.

How to add your school on Classpedal

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1. Register your school

Register using the 'Add School' button and verify your account through the link sent to your email.

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2. Complete your profile

Fill in your school’s details. Add locations, services and pricing and other information. Once complete, your profile will be listed on Classpedal.

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3. Get enrolments

Start growing your enrolments as students discover your school on Classpedal. Classpedal promotes your school to prospective students online, through social media and other partner sites.